Compiling the book

To compile the HTML5/EPUB3 version, clone the repo and enter:


in the root directory. The epub file appears in the parent directory (..). For further details, see the readme.

To make sicp.pdf, clone the repo and enter:


in ‘src’ directory. More info here.

To compile the pocket version PDF, go to directory ‘src’ and enter:

texi2pdf sicp-pocket.texi

If all goes well, you will see sicp-pocket.pdf in the directory.

To produce the PDFs, you need to have the texinfo, texlive and texlive-fonts-extra packages installed (these are Ubuntu packages which might be called differently in other systems).

6 thoughts on “Compiling the book

  1. The HTML5/EPUB3 version just looks fantastic and awesome on mobiles. I would like to suggest that you might add a button which is static and which allows to either quickly go to the top or the bottom of the page. Other than that, it’s awesome. Thanks!

    • To jump, you can touch the upper- and lower-right corners of the screen now. I tried to make the buttons simple and unobtrusive, like watermarks. They seem to work in Firefox and Chrome on Android, not tested in mobile Safari.

      • Yes, just tested on Firefox for Android and it works. Although the button could get some more love 😉 but it’s working alright now. Thanks.

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