Fixes and improvements to the PDF

This is an update to fix a few typos found in the first three chapters. Other than that, there are cosmetic changes to the diagrams and page layout. Text leading has been reduced and page margins adjusted. Denser flow of text has brought the page count down from 939 to 795. Have fun reading, watching the videos, and playing with the REPL!

Here is the updated PDF. (Previous version still available.)

EDIT 2012/11/25:  newer version of the PDF.


10 thoughts on “Fixes and improvements to the PDF

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  2. This version of SICP is great. However, I have noticed that the single quote used in the source code seems to be a non-standard one (U+2019) which means you can’t cut and paste into the REPL without getting lots of errors!

  3. Great book. Thank you. However, one question is in my mind. Did you consider providing the book in mobi format for Kindle?

  4. I’m trying to get the PDF printed (privately) by Lulu. But the PDF as-is is 9.2×12.3. I see the texinfo.tex specifies that size as “letterpaper”. Is this some weird typesetting thing, something the PDF output is doing wrong or is it really just not right?

    • The 9.2×12.3 inch format is intentional. I was adjusting page margins while keeping text area fixed to preserve pagination. I should have created new format name instead of tweaking the definition of @letterpaper. This 9.2×12.3 is meant to be very close to 4:3 aspect ratio of most tablet computers.

      You may want to postpone the printing — a new version with better pagination and fewer pages is coming out soon. It has the same page geometry, though. They shoud be able to shrink it to desired paper size in Lulu.

      EDIT 2012/11/25: New version is ready: sicp.pdf.

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