New electronic version of SICP released

The PDF version of the classic MIT 6.001 computer science textbook Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (SICP), 2nd ed. by Abelson, Sussman & Sussman just got better.

The typography has been modernized for better on-screen legibility and comfort. All the mathematics is set in proper TEX, and figures redrawn in vector graphics.

It is an improvement of the Unofficial Texinfo Format (UTF) which was converted from the original MIT Press full text release by Lytha Ayth and maintained by Neil Van Dyke.

You can learn more about the new ebook, use the source, or read the PDF.


20 thoughts on “New electronic version of SICP released

    • Thank you! It’s indeed much more convenient to search and navigate a pdf. But I guess we never stop loving paper books! Much less eyestrain. I’m cautiously enthused about the emerging e-book readers. Exciting times! Somebody said we are witnessing the era of so called “electronic incunables”. I dream about a sheet of white paper where images and text just automagically change by gentle touch. It will happen sooner than we expect!

    • Great, thanks for the feedback! I was wondering too if the text is legible on tablets and ebook readers. Anyone with Kindle or other 6” reader?

      • I’ve just tried it on my Kindle (the regular 6″ version) and it’s definitely legible in my eyes. I’d have preferred slightly larger text and bigger margins for improved readability. But I guess the specific Kindle versions (.mobi etc.) might be more suited for these sorts of adjustments. Actually, it might be a good idea to have both this PDF and the Kindle specific version — as they are quite complementary to each other. Or people can download the TeX source and format it as needed 🙂

  1. Just got the paper version of SICP. This ebook version will surely come handy for quick reference.
    And it’s a real pleasure to read it on my iPad.
    Thank you

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  3. output looks gorgeous, its interesting to glance over “texinfo.tex” as a novice latex user…
    very well documented code, thanks…

  4. First of all, kudos to your patience & work in bringing out the ‘Wizard Book’ out in *such a beautiful format*; especially, the typography for text & monospace font selection of “Inconsolata LGC”…can’t ask for more ! 🙂

    Thanks again on behalf of scores of many students & readers who I’m sure will LOVE this effort!


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